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Berry Fresh

Berry Fresh

Product Review (submitted on 14 January 2018):

Been using this cleanser for around a year now, and it has worked really well. Not only does it smell really nice, but it makes sense that it is a oil based gel. I use this every night with my superfood face oil, which means I don’t have to cleanse in the morning which is a total time saver. My skin was oily around my nose especially, but now it doesn’t feel oily to the touch, even through the whole day, as all other brands only leave my nose “clean and non oily” for a couple hours through the day. I wet my face then use one pump to distribute dots on my nose, cheeks, forehead and chin and then I rub it into my skin for 1-2 mins and then wash verrrry well with water as it is a little oily. Then I dry and apply 2 drops of oil onto both cheeks and massage into the whole face area and then go to bed and feel great during the whole day. Would definitely recommend this product to anyone if you want nice smelling, nice feeling and overall a good cleanser.